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Vehicle Tracking

If you are a vehicle owner or if you are considering buying a vehicle, you may want to consider a vehicle tracking system. A car tracing system is a modern and effective means to ensure vehicle recovery after the unfortunate event of a theft.

TRACETEC PTY LTD is the most affordable car tracing and recovery system on the market in South Africa. This vehicle tracking system costs only a quarter to half the price of comparable car tracing systems. Our vehicle tracking system (TRACETEC PTY LTD) is able to fit any vehicle including bikes, quads, cars, trucks, jet skis, marine craft, off road vehicles and trailers. If you are considering installing a car tracing system, you should be aware of the most comprehensive tracking product available today on the market-TRACETEC PTY LTD.

When you are installing your vehicle tracking product, you should also be aware of your insurance coverage with your particular product, with TRACETEC PTY LTD vehicle tracking you meet all of your insurance requirements. Unlike most other car tracing companies who require a 2-3 year contract upon installation of vehicle tracking device, TRACETEC PTY LTD does not have a fixed term contract and you well be able to cancel your vehicle tracking service whenever you need to.

The TRACETEC PTY LTD vehicle tracking product is not a GPS location device, it is a point-to-point system.

The TRACETEC PTY LTD car tracing system is an affordable alternative to satellite car tracing. Our vehicle tracking system works via a high tech and reliable transmitter, which continually sends out its own unique identity signal. We have beacons located country-wide which pick up these signals, and then transmit these to our control centre and database which has details of the asset and the owner.

If you are unfortunate enough to have your vehicle stolen, you are able to report the theft to our 24-hour control centre; your TRACETEC PTY LTD car tracing transmitter number will be “red-flagged”. Our countrywide beacons will be waiting to pick up your car’s signal as it passes these beacons, our response teams will be alerted to your car’s location.

TRACETEC PTY LTD tracing system can be setup in all vehicles, cars and boats, as well as trucks, bikes, jet skis, quad bikes, off-road vehicles and trailers, making this car tracing system the most holistic car tracing product available on the market, if not the most affordable substitute for GPS vehicle monitoring.

Having a vehicle tracking system installed in your asset is a “peace-of-mind” precaution. In this modern day where people spend much of their hard-earned money on modern vehicles, it is human nature to want to protect your assets.

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