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Vehicle Satellite Tracking

Vehicle Satellite Tracking using GPS is one form of vehicle tracing available on the market. There are other forms of vehicle tracking besides the vehicle satellite tracking available to the consumer, such as the point-to-point system. If you own expensive assets, you may be considering some theft protection, with TRACETEC PTY LTD’s point-to-point system and vehicle satellite tracking you are trying to ensure vehicle recovery in the unfortunate event of a theft.

TRACETEC PTY LTD’s point-to-point system works via high tech and reliable transmitter systems, whereas vehicle satellite tracking is using GPS to locate position. The TRACETEC PTY LTD vehicle recovery system is an affordable alternative to vehicle satellite tracking.

Most vehicle satellite tracking companies also require the customer to sign a fixed term contract, sometimes of 2-3 years, whereas the TRACETEC PTY LTD conveniently does not require a fixed term contract, you are able to cancel our system whenever you like.

The installation of the TRACETEC PTY LTD vehicle tracking device is convenient to our customers in that we have a network of mobile fitters, able to install your tracking device at any chosen location, including your dealership, before you take possession of your vehicle. Most vehicle tracking devices need to be powered and connected to your car’s battery, where the TRACETEC PTY LTD tracking device has its own 5 year battery, not requiring cutting of wires and tampering with your car’s electrics. The TRACETEC PTY LTD vehicle tracking device is small and concealable, making detection hard.

TRACETEC PTY LTD vehicle tracking system is able to be installed in all vehicles and marine craft, including cars, bikes, quad bikes, trucks, jet skis, off-road vehicles and trailers. This makes the TRACETEC PTY LTD vehicle tracking system a very comprehensive product, when comparing other tracking products available on the market, including satellite tracking systems. It is important to investigate the vehicle recovery rate of your point-to-point system or vehicle tracking system.

TRACETEC PTY LTD’s stolen vehicle recovery rate has been audited by the South African Insurance Association and exceeds the minimum vehicle recovery rate of 70%. It is also recommended to ensure that your point-to-point system or vehicle satellite tracking system meets all your insurance needs.

TRACETEC PTY LTD is fully approved by the South African Insurance Association, meets all your insurance requirements, and may entitle you to a premium discount. Sign up today and get started with your very own TRACETEC unit. Ensure your peace of mind for an affordable monthly rate. Get point-to-point instead of vehicle satellite tracking.