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Recovered 2010 Ford Figo


Tracetec client called in at 14h05 on 02/10/2018 to inform us that her vehicle was hijacked by 2 males in Haddon Johannesburg

Recovery team was dispatched and SAPS notified of the incident.

The Tracetec Westrand team had an operation in the Soweto for the Stolen Ford Figo.

One of the agents patrolled the Soweto area on 03/10/2018, there he came up to the suspected vehicle standing in a scrap facility and picking up a strong signal.

The vehicle had no back number plate and when further inspection was done the vehicle was confirmed as the one we were looking for.

Client was contacted and informed of the overall condition of the vehicle as she was exited that we recovered her vehicle. She was also given the pound address and the contact details of the Constable in charge.

Well done Team


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