Car hijacked at Joburg petrol station TIME LIVE NEWS

According to research compiled by the Institute for Security Studies, hijackings in South Africa have increased by 55% in the past 4 years with at least 40 hijackings daily. Gauteng is a hotspot for vehicle theft and hijackings, with almost 2 out of 3 incidents taking place here.

Director of South African Petroleum Retail Association, Vishal Premlall, confirmed the worrying trend of petrol stations being increasingly targeted as hotspots for hijackings and warned motorists to be alert. It is important for motorists to understand that most petrol stations are not equipped to manage this risk and attendants were unarmed.

Windows need to be closed at all times and your boot should be locked. A favourite tactic was for someone to come to your window and while they were speaking to you another person comes around your passenger door. Motorists must ensure to be aware of their surroundings at all times.